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Selling to the Old Brain: How New Discoveries In Brain Research Empower You To Influence Any Audience, Anytime

Selling to the Old Brain: How New Discoveries In Brain Research Empower You To Influence Any Audience, Anytime
Unveiling a remarkable combination of the latest brain research and revolutionary marketing practices, authors Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin present highly effective, techniques to build and deliver powerful, unique, and memorable messages that will have major, lasting impact on any audience.
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About the Book

The book covers:
• What the latest brain research says about the true ‘decision center’
• How to craft your message to appeal to the part of the brain that decides: the Old Brain
• The 6 stimuli that always trigger a response from the Old Brain
• The 6 message building blocks of an effective message
• The 7 impact boosters that set a presentation apart from the rest
• The 3 different learning styles and how to address them
• How to create impact and grab immediate attention every time

What is the Old Brain and why is it important to anyone?

New research in neuroscience reveals that the human brain is categorized into three separate parts that act as separate organs with different cellular structures and different functions:
The “New Brain” thinks; it processes rational data.
The “Middle Brain” feels; it processes emotions and feelings.
The “Old Brain” decides; it reviews input from the other two brains and controls the decision making process.

Traditionally, we have been taught to communicate to the New Brain, logically and rationally, while failing to address the true decision maker, the primitive Old Brain, in a language it can understand.

In this groundbreaking book, authors teach how to build and deliver messages that provide maximum impact by speaking directly to the Old Brain. The principles in this unique book will revolutionize the way executives, marketing and sales professionals communicate and sell so they successfully influence any audience, anytime.

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