What “the Boss” Can Teach Us About Loss

What “the Boss” Can Teach Us About Loss

Great article by Howard Tullman

Bruce Springsteen could be the poet laureate of entrepreneurs. His lyrics are a stark commentary about prospects that sometimes go south and the importance of moving ahead. In other words, sometimes you have to get out of a business while you still can.

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If you love Springsteen songs for the lyrics like I do (not that there’s anything wrong with the music) then you know what I mean when I say that there’s a line or a poignant phrase from some Bruce song that seems perfect for just about any and every occasion. I can think of dozens of times – staring down into one abyss or facing up to another impending disaster– when the Boss was the only solace I could find. Even in the worst of times, his music has always been a touchpoint and, even when you may be at a loss for words, he speaks to all of us.

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